You can now find donors for Plasma therapy in Pakistan through this website

Pakistan now has more than hundred thousand COVID-19 cases. The situation has become extremely serious and panic stricken. The virus has been wreaking havoc around the nation with even children testing positive. In a sad turn of events, people are dying and the health care system has become so overwhelmed that many have stopped taking patients.

The government in hopes to support the daily wagers and the business community decided to ease the lockdown. However, the plan rather backfired as people decided to go on and about their business without paying any heed to precautionary measures or SOPs. Almost a month ago, cases identified were about thirty thousand. But cases have increased two folds since the decision ensued. The grim reality is that, people we love and cherish are now contracting the virus and some are even fighting for their lives.

Due to the influx of COVID-19 positive patients in Pakistan, actor Faysal Quraishi and his team have launched a website. The families of the patients can now access the website and find donors for plasma therapy via

Besides this, if you have recovered from the novel coronavirus you can also register yourself as a potential donor and help others out in need. This is a great initiative that can help people out in times like these. Also, the best you can do is, stay at home and ensue social distancing as top priority.

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