The National Incubation Center has Suspended Biometric Attendance and Installed “Coronavirus-Free” Attendance System

The biometric attendance system has raised many safety concerns amidst the COVID-19 pandemic since the virus can transfer from infected individuals to healthy staff via biometric machines. The biometric attendance requires an individual’s fingerprint and therefore there is a risk of infection via the touched surfaces of the biometric machines. Therefore, it has been advised to halt the use of biometric machines and take alternative methods in consideration.


As part of the preventive measures against COVID-19, the National Incubation Center (NIC) has temporarily suspended biometric attendance of their staff. This decision was to ensure the health and safety of NIC’s staff amidst the on-going pandemic.

NIC is using an alternative approach for attendance using the QR technology. QR Code stickers are placed on the entry points, and the employees can mark their attendance by scanning the respective QRCode with Retailigence App. Through this method, attendance is being monitored whilst annihilating the spread of the virus as well.

“Health & Safety should be utmost concern for the organization and their employees. We are playing our role to provide Coronavirus free attendance solution to Pakistan. Our solution is already deployed on thousands of locations in Pakistan, especially in big cities e.g Islamabad, Lahore, Karachi, Faisalabad & Multan. I’m also thankful for the National Incubation Center management for giving us opportunity to work with them.” states CEO Retailigence, Malik Shoaib.

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