World Health Organization Suggests Complete Lockdown in Punjab for Two Weeks to Avoid Horrible Consequences

Pertaining to the current situation, World Health Organization (WHO), urgently suggests a complete lockdown in Punjab or else the province will face dire consequences.

During strict lockdown, less than thousand cases used to be reported. Since the government’s decision to ease the lockdown the situation has become rather haphazard and despondent.

More than four thousand cases are reported on a daily basis. Moreover, the virus has claimed 105 lives in the last twenty four hours declaring this the highest mortality in the country since the breakout.

World Health Organization has declared this as a state of emergency in Punjab wherein, cases total 40,819, and if the situation remains the virus will wreak havoc. WHO also states, that fifty thousand tests should take place everyday to contain the situation.

The World Health Organization’s request implies grim reality. The governments decision to ease lockdown has rather backfired. People have been out and about their business without paying any heed to SOPs.

The situation since April has deteriorated at an alarming rate. If the state doesn’t follow WHO’s suggestion, chances are the future will be ominous.

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