Users will Now have to Register VPNs or Face Strict Legal Action

Users will now have to register VPN or face disconnection or strict legal action by Pakistan Telecommunication Authority. The state owned enterprise has already started taking action against IP addresses accessed via unregistered VPNs and has given the directive to users to get them registered as early as possible.

Sources claim, that this action has been taken to block VPNs for the use of grey traffic and illegal voice over (VoIP) wherein, companies were using this to work as call centers and doing data entry operations.

A representative from PTA states that they are deploying a sophisticated system to curb grey traffic by detecting unregistered or unauthorized VPNs. A lot of corporate entities in Pakistan posit as US or foreign based countries and are working as call centers via VPNs.

Pakistan Telecommunication authority has given a deadline to users to get their VPNs registered by 30June. However, those who fail to comply will face strict legal action. Furthermore, any form of communication be it hidden or encrypted is a violation of PTA defined regulations.

Users who require VPN for other legitimate reasons also need to get them registered via their respective internet service provider before the deadline.

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