Pakistani Truck Artist Honours George Floyd with stunning mural

Haider Ali, a Pakistani truck artist has painted a mural of George Floyd.

The unjust murder of George, an unarmed black man, in Minneapolis in late May ignited fiery protests all over America that have since gone global, with many countries protesting in favour of the Black Lives Matter movement.

Haider decided to show his solidarity with the slain man in traditional Pakistani form, dedicating a whole wall to him in a truck art style mural that features a special saying.

Hum kaaley hain tou kia hua, dil waley hain (So what if we’re dark-skinned? We’ve got big hearts),” reads the mural. It also features another saying that goes, “Goron ki na kaalon ki, Dunya dil walon ki’ (This world belongs neither to whites or blacks, only for those with big hearts).”

Three other words stand out on Haider’s mural. ‘Adal, Insaaf, Barabari’ that translate to Justice and Equality, respectively.

According to Haider, the starry night background symbolises the importance of the colour black itself. The black of the night enables us to see the star and every artist knows the all-around importance of black in the universe.


Haider’s mural is not only a testament to George Floyd’s legacy, but also a dedication to all those individuals around the world who are fighting inequality and injustice.

This, for Haider, also include the religious minorities (Muslims) in Indian Occupied Kashmir, Palestine and Myanmar, who are regularly subjected to cruelty on the basis of religion, and are tortured and killed.

Kudos to Haider for taking a stand for such an important cause and backing the movement that is so important all over the world, even if it may not seem that way.

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