PITB Opens Admissions in E-Rozgar Program Across Punjab

Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) has started admission in E-Rozgar program across the province that would prove to be a step towards self-employment among youth.

With the changing world scenario and especially amid the pandemic, work from home importance has been largely felt and being experienced. At the same time, the PITB has started this program years ago keeping view the importance of the online earning that would bring change and employment for unemployed youth.

PITB said in the backdrop of soaring un-employment and financial challenges it has become a paramount duty of the government to steer the educated youth of the province in the right direction.

Punjab Information Technology Board and Youth Affairs, Sports, Archaeology and Tourism Department have established E-Rozgaar centers in 36 districts of Punjab to provide training to budding freelancers and enhance their professional capabilities.


Through this initiative Punjab government has been assisting the youth in earning sustainable income.

One of the major objectives of this project is to provide training opportunities to youth for self-employment using internet based freelancing.

Around 10,000 people in a year learn new skills which will eventually help them to earn an honorable living.

PTUT Lab Manager Nitasha Noor told Mashable Pakistan, “Freelancing is where we work from home or anywhere that we like to. It gives us the option to work at any point. Freelancing is important for many reasons as it concerns the employers, freelancers, and the economy.”

“Seven batches have been completed their courses at Punjab Tianjin University of technology (PTUT) Lahore and more than 500 trainees with over $40,000 earnings.”

Nitasha said, “Time flexibility, be your own boss, make good money, time independent and skills you learn are the benefits which you cannot get anywhere else.”

Commenting on the Pakistan’s freelancing industry, Nitasha said, “The Pakistan’s freelancing industry has thrived with a great pace. According to the Online Labour Index 2017 of Oxford Internet Institute, we are ranked fourth in the list of most popular country for freelancing.”

“Erozgaar have their centers in 36 districts of Punjab .E-Rozgaar aims to train educated youth regarding employment opportunities through online/freelancing websites,” she added.

She was of the view that Pakistani students can excel in freelancing by learning new skills and having command in set of skills they have.

PTUT Lab Manager Nitasha Noor said that the program will focus on the development of technical as well as soft skills that are an integral part of a successful freelancer’s profile.

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