Watch COVID-19 Patients Play Cricket in Coronavirus Ward in Expo Center Lahore to Kill the Time

Since the pandemic hit the country COVID-19 patients tally now jumped above 0.1 million cases and the Prime Minister, Imran Khan already said the peak which the Pakistanis are waiting to come and go to red rid from the deadly COVID-19, could come in July or in August.

So, basically what’s left for Pakistanis is to utilize this time wisely and instead of justi sit and wait policy, some pro-active and responsible approach would change the scenario.

COVID-19 patients in Expo Centre Lahore have unique track record of protesting against the government. They were the first ones, or among the pioneers of lodging protest against the inadequate facilities being provided at the Expo Centre Lahore.

Now, to kill the time, the coronavirus positive patients are now playing cricket in the vicinity of the Expo Centre Lahore.

The journalist who uploaded the video captioned it, “Can you believe this. Which nation on earth will beat Lahoris.

This happened because of serious mental health challenges being faced by COVID-19 patients and their families. When on the one hand, people gave become homesick by simply spending time in home while on the other hand, the COVID-19 patients have not much to do to kill their time.

Pakistan is cricket crazy nation and this video has proved that even they are facing one of the toughest times in the nation’s history. They are least bother to give away their passion for cricket.

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