Punjab Reporting More Cases of “Typhoid” then COVID-19

Vice Chancellor University of Health Sciences (UHS) has said that Typhoid cases have increased in Punjab than the COVID-19 cases.

Doctors facing headache to diagnose a patient’s illness due to common symptoms of typhoid and the novel coronavirus, sources said.

Hundreds of typhoid patients have recently reported at teaching hospitals and private health facilities in Lahore. “Around 20,000 patients of typhoid have been reported within past 10 days,” according to sources.

Around 8,000 cases of typhoid have been reported at five major hospitals of the city, hospital sources said. Most of the typhoid cases have been reported at Services Hospital, Jinnah Hospital, Mayo Hospital, General Hospital and the Children Hospital in Lahore.

Vice Chancellor UHS Prof. Javed Akram has said that the death rate in hospitals by novel coronavirus and typhoid has been over 70 percent with 40 pct of deaths by typhoid.

A member of the Coronavirus Experts Advisory Group has said that the major cause of deaths is typhoid fever, which is caused by polluted water and unhygienic food.

Member advisory group Dr Javed Hayat has said that fever, cough, body ache and diarrhea are common symptoms of the coronavirus and typhoid.

In coronavirus fever remains mild, while in typhoid the temperature rises to 103 and 104 degree, Professor Javed Hayat added.

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