KFC Troll PS5 With Its Very Own Gaming Console with Built-in Chicken Chamber will be Unveiled on November 12

A few hours after the PlayStation 5 was officially unveiled by Sony, out of the blue, KFC dropped a teaser for its own gaming console called KFConsole. The video posted on Twitter highlights the design and features of the mystery product.

KFC grabbed the right opportunity and launched something funny yet creative. It is safe to assume that there is no truth behind their gaming console. They even captioned the post ‘The Future of Gaming’, which was Sony’s tagline for PS5. 

The next-generation gaming consoles from Sony (PS5) and Microsoft (X Box Series X) are slated to release in Holiday 2020. We might also witness the KFConsole at around the same time if it is indeed a real product.

According to the teaser video, the KFC made gaming console will feature a built-in chicken chamber with support for cross-platform. It also seems to have a Blu-ray disc player just like the other two popular consoles in the market.

What is even more interesting is that KFC is promising 120 FPS and True 4K support on its first-gen console. Anyway, we will know more about it in 5 months from now.

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