Xiaomi Youpin Launches Pocket Hot Water Dispenser that Boils Water in Just 4 Seconds

Earlier today (15th June 2020), the Xiaomi Youpin platform launched a new water heater dispenser. The Morfun Pocket Hot Water Dispenser is priced at 199 Yuan (roughly 28 US Dollars) and offers the functions of a conventional water heater but in a portable form factor.

The primary selling point of the Morfun Pocket Hot Water Dispenser is its portability. Its body size is 117x62x190mm, making it a pocket water heater that allows it to be carried in a bag, suitcase, and more. Another notable aspect regarding the product is its heating technology, which uses the new non-thermal bile boiling technology. This method allows for the water to be boiled within the container in just 4 seconds.


Furthermore, the top of the gadget also sports touch screen enabled display, which allows users to control or adjust the water temperature in real time. The Morfun Pocket Hot Water Dispenser has 5 temperature settings that include 45°C, 60°C, 85°C, and 100°C. So, users can choose the amount of water and its temperature at the same time. The water dispensing option includes 120ml, 250ml, 360ml and 500ml.

The actual price of the device on the Xiaomi Youpin platform is 299 Yuan, but it is currently being offered at a discounted price of 199 Yuan thanks to a coupon that is valid from 15h June to 18th June 2020.

For those interested, you can click here to check out the product.

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