Apple’s Featuring Foldable iPhone with Dual Display

While companies like Samsung and Huawei are already set to launch their next-generation foldable smartphones this year, Apple is yet to announce its foldable iPhone. But the US-based company seems to be working on its design.

A prototype of a foldable Apple iPhone has been surfaced online. Although it’s a foldable smartphone, the device does not feature a foldable display. Instead of that, the company has two separate display panels which are connected by a hinge.

Foldable iPhone Prototype

Jon Prosser, who shared the leak, says that even though there are two different display panels, it looks fairly continuous and seamless when the displays are extended. He also adds that the phone has a rounded, stainless steel edge like the current iPhone 11 without any kind of notch, but a “tiny forehead” on the outer display for Face ID.

Samsung Galaxy Fold comes with a foldable display where the single screen panel can be folded into two screens or be extended to be used as one larger display. However, the design of the foldable iPhone is different than this.

In fact, the design of the foldable Apple iPhone seems similar to that of Microsoft’s Surface Neo and Surface Duo, both of which have foldable dual display panels which are connected through a hinge.

It remains to be seen if Apple decides to move ahead from the prototyping stage and actually being this foldable iPhone to the market. Even if a foldable iPhone is coming, it’s probably not launching in the near future. But a 5G iPhone will be released this year.

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