Here is Complete PIA Schedule for 38 International Flights

Pakistan International Airlines on Tuesday released international flight schedule from June 17 to June 20 to bring back Pakistan from abroad.

Meanwhile, two PIA flights will take Pakistanis having valid Dubai visas to and one flight to Jeddah.

“A number of special flights are operating to repatriate citizens to their home countries. These flights have been approved by the Government of Pakistan, and we’re working closely with relevant authorities to continue these operations, subject to approval from other foreign governments,” said the PIA.

Pakistan International Airlines will operate 38 total flights including 35 inbound flights from different international destinations around the world to Pakistan from June 17-June 20

The flight schedule is as under:


PIA flights from Toronto, Paris and UAE will reach Lahore.

Two PIA flights will bring stranded Pakistanis in Kyrgyzstan and United Kingdom to Islamabad from Bishkek and London.

One flight will reach Peshawar from Riyadh while Multan and Faisalabad airports will receive one flight each from the UAE.


Two flights of the PIA will depart for Dubai one each from Karachi and Peshawar. Another flight from Peshawar will leave for Jeddah.

Islamabad airport will receive two PIA flights one each from Jeddah and Milan (Italy).

A PIA special flight from Copenhagen (Denmark) will land at Lahore airport.

Karachi airport will receive three PIA flights from Jeddah, Muscat and the UAE.

Peshawar airport will receive one flight from Jeddah and another from Riyadh.

Two PIA flights will land at Multan airport from Kuwait and the UAE.

One flight will arrive from the UAE at Faisalabad airport.


Lahore airport will receive a single international flight from Bishkek.

Peshawar airport will welcome three PIA flight from Jeddah, Riyadh and the UAE.

A special PIA flight from Baghdad (Iraq) will land at Islamabad airport.

Karachi airport will welcome two PIA flights: one from Muscat and one from the UAE.

A special PIA flight will reach Multan Airport from Bahrain while Faisalabad airport will receive one flight from the UAE.


On June 20, seven PIA special flights from five international destinations will reach Pakistan.

A PIA special flight will arrive from London to Lahore airport and another from Riyadh to Lahore.

The PIA will bring back the stranded Pakistanis from Doha (Qatar) and Jeddah (Saudi Arabia) to Multan.

Three flights from the UAE will bring back Pakistanis back to Faisalabad, Peshawar and Karachi airports.


The government Tuesday has decided for to phase-wise resumption of the international flights operations in the country and it would help the stranded Pakistanis abroad to come back to the country. The detailed schedule for the flight operations will be issued soon with international flight operation will be open for the Gulf countries in the first phase.

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