Just Showoff; Meghan Markle, Kate Middleton’s Friendship Was Limited to Public Appearances: Palace Source

Things have always seemed to be a bit sour between Kate Middleton and Meghan Markle from the looks of it.

And now, a royal insider has dished the dirt that went on behind closed doors between the two duchesses, saying their friendship was only for public appearances.

According to a source cited by Best Life, Meghan and Kate were never really good friends as they were on “different paths.”

The insider added that there was “nothing between them” and while Kate had her future as the Queen in mind, Meghan was planning to “modernize” the family.

The grapevine further spilled that Meghan had not anticipated for her royal life to turn out the way it did which is why her friendship with Kate was limited to public appearances only.

Earlier, a report by The Atlantic cited a source detailing how both of them had different approaches as well as Kate was familiar with her conservative roots while Meghan still clung to her celebrity status and a more liberal world. 

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