Xiaomi Launch Smartmi Dual-Purpose DC Inverter Wireless Fan

Xiaomi‘s ecological chain company SMartmi ahs launched a dual-purpose DC inverter fan in China. The fan which can be used as a floor and table fan is presently on sale in Jingdong (JD.com) for 799 yuan (~$112).

Smartmi dual-purpose DC Inverter floor & table fan

The Smartmi dual-purpose DC inverter fan still uses the unique natural wind function but brings silent operation and is a wireless fan. The main highlight is the detachable pillar which allows for adjustment of the height such that it can be used as a floor or desk fan.

The neck can be turned upwards up to 100° and it can also rotate up to 120° in the left and right direction. The fan can also be set to achieve three-dimensional (3D) swing by moving in all directions.

Smartmi dual-purpose DC Inverter floor & table fan

The fan is equipped with a Japanese Nidec DC brushless motor as well as a noise reduction wind path system. The wind is strong and the wind noise is extremely low. The streamlined diversion wind hood makes the air supply more stable.

The Smartmi DC inverter fan features 7 feather fan blades and a large wide-angle powerful air supply, which fully agitates the indoor air and realizes 24 times/h ventilation of the entire house. The wind power can reach a distance of 9 meters and the fan has a 24.8m³/min large wind output.

There is a built-in lithium battery onboard that can be used for up to 20 hours without plugging in. The fan weighs just 3.7 kg making it easy to be lifted with just one hand. Apart from the control buttons located on the body of the fan, it comes with remote control.

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