Section 144 Imposed in Punjab to Limit Public Movement

The Punjab government has enforced Section 144 for 14 days to restrict the movement of citizens in 23 hotspots in various districts affected by the coronavirus epidemic.

Divisional Commissioner Ishrat Ali, RPO Raja Rifat Mukhtar and Deputy Commissioner Muhammad Ali, accompanied by senior officers of Pakistan Army, visited different areas of the city to review the implementation of lockdown. They visited Chowk Ghanta Ghar, adjoining bazaars, Razaabad Main Bazaar, Saddar Bazaar, Ghulam Muhammadabad and other areas.

Assistant Commissioner Syed Ayub Bukhari and other officers also accompanied senior officers during the visit and issued a stern warning to the shopkeepers for violating SOPs at a medical store in Saddar Bazaar while taking note of complaints of non-implementation of SOPs in different areas.

The officials ordered immediate action against the violators. The divisional commissioner said that the district administration and police had been mobilised to implement the government directives and action against violation of the SOPs could not be avoided.

They asked the authorities to take strict action against violation of the safety SOPs in the hotspots.

They directed the administration, police, Pak Army and Rangers to continue patrolling in zones flagged for high presence of coronavirus.

The RPO remarked that the citizens should avoid leaving their houses unnecessarily during the smart lockdown.

The divisional commissioner continued that under section 144, citizens must not leave their houses without a face mask.

The deputy commissioner said that eight bazaars of Ghantaghar and its environs in Tehsil City, Jhal Market, Warispura Gol, and adjoining residential and business areas of Allama Iqbal Colony as well as residential and business areas of Razaabad, Samanabad and Main Bazaar Mansoorabad, Tata Bazaar Factory Area, Raza Garden, Eden Garden, Abdullah Garden, Al Najaf Colony, Ghulam Muhammadabad, Madina Chowk, Muslim Town No 1 and B Block, Business Area of Djikot in Tehsil Saddar, Karkhana Bazaar, Anarkali Bazaar and Jamil Market, Main Bazaar Dhandhara and Masjidwala Bazaar in Sudhar, Main Bazaar Pansra and Bhuana Road.

He said that markets, shopping malls, restaurants, public and private offices would remain closed in the areas of under smart lockdown. Public and private transport would be banned but people would be allowed to travel alone in a vehicle in case of extreme need.

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