More Areas to be Sealed in Islamabad Within 36 Hours, Mark these Areas Under Smart Lockdown

The District Administration of Islamabad has warned that in wake of rising suspects and confirmed cases of Covid-19, Sectors G-6, G-7 and Ghori Town could likely to be sealed in next 36 hours. Deputy Commissioner Islamabad Hamza Shafqaat said that in sectors G-6, G-7 and Ghori Town, more than 40 confirmed cases of coronavirus have been reported subsequently 25 deaths in the federal capital owing to Covid-19.

As per statistics of City district administration of Islamabad, total volume of confirm cases of Covid-19 in the federal capital have surpassed 10,000 and these numbers are rising in different sectors of Islamabad.

Earlier, after confirmation of rising figures of coronavirus suspects, Sectors I-8 and I-10, were sealed last week and other Sectors of Islamabad, including Sectors G-6, G-7, G-8 and Ghori Town were put on observation in wake of increasing cases reported from these very areas. After an increase in rising reported cases of Covid-19 in sector G-6, G-7 and Ghori Tow, the city administration has warned to seal these sectors subsequently with restricted and unnecessary public movement.

Meanwhile, Sector G-9 and commercial hub of the federal capital ‘Karachi Company’ have already been sealed with deployment of police and rangers after 450 confirm cases of Coronavirus in this very sector. Meanwhile, officials from Health department have underlined alarming situation of Covid-19 in the federal capital as suspects are mounting in the twin cities with each passing day.

In rural areas of federal capital, a supportive endeavor on part of Islamabad Administration, lady health workers and National Rural Support Programme volunteers doing a tremendous job in keeping controlled spread of Covid-19 in rural areas of Rawalpindi.

In a routine, volunteers of Natioanl Rural Support Program (NRSP) with support of LHWs and Islamabad Administration use to make chlorine spray announcements from mosques on preventive measures to contain spread of Covid-19.

Distribution of facemasks, gloves and soaps among people through mosques and maintaining record of suspects with symptoms of coronavirus pandemic and referring them to basic health units hospitals.

Meanwhile, on daily basis, community activists trained to combat COVID-19, and ensuring presence of commodities at utility stores and preparing lists of poor households facing acute problems of food and basic necessities. Ration distribution to poor households by local support.

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