Civil Court Pakistan Issues Notice to Trump Over ‘Negligence’ to Contain COVID-19

Judge Syed Haider Ali Shah of civil court Islamabad while issuing notice to US president Trump, World Health Organization (WHO), government of Pakistan through secretary national health services and NDMA on petitions seeking payment of compensation and damage to the tune of Rs 49 million each to corona infected persons in the backdrop of loss of life and job caused to the people due to corona virus outbreak has sought reply from them till July 8.

Petitions have been filed by Arif Khan Gagiani, Wajahat Ali and Zammurak Khan advocates on behalf of Corona patient Muhammad Akbar and corona victim Omar Khatab.

The petitioners have taken the plea “ we are poor laborers. We have no resources. Loss has been caused to our life and health due to criminal negligence of respondents. The respondents not only showed negligence in prevention of Corona but also they did not discharge their obligations to save the people from this deadly virus. Treatment, food and health care facilities were not provided in hospitals properly.

We got corona test conducted from our own pockets. Laboratories, doctors and hospitals are plundering the poor masses. We have been deprived of our jobs. We are only bread winners of our families. No one is prepared to give us job.

They pleaded WHO is central institution in perspective of health and human life in the world which has also not discharged its obligations. US president Trump is also responsible for loss of life and property caused to the people. US president has committed criminal negligence as a developed country in discharging his obligations. US president started criticizing WHO instead of saving the world from Corona virus.

The petitioners have prayed the court to administer them justice. The compensation and damage be got paid to them from the respondents. We should not be left at the mercy of circumstances. No one is ready to help us.
They pleaded that damage amounting to Rs 49 million be got paid to them each from the respondents. This case is first its nature whereby US president and WHO have been made respondents.

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