Govt Swings Into Action After “Discovery of Gold” in Hyderabad’s Ganjo Takar

Taking note of social media reports about the discovery of gold reserves in the hilly Ganjo Takar area of Hyderabad, Sindh’s Mines and Mineral Development Department has launched a probe to ascertain the truth.

Meanwhile, the Rangers personnel have taken control of the area on the department’s request.

Assistant Director Mineral Development Hyderabad Imran Hyder Memon lately wrote a letter to the secretary of the department informing him that there are reports on social media about the availability of yellow metal in the Ganjo Takar area of the city.

He said he along with a surveyor visited the area in question on July 22. During their visit, he added, they reached the Ganjo Takar area and tried to find out the truth.

The assistant director said local people present there told them that no gold was found in the area but rumours have it that the precious metal was discovered near Panhwar village by someone in his lands.

On reaching the village, he said they inquired about the discovery. He informed that villagers stated they didn’t find any gold there but some children of the village found “some metallic concerts,” which have the lustre of gold.

He said he collected samples of “metallic concerts”, which “in physical view resemble with Mineral Pyrite,” but a technical examination of the discovery is necessary to ascertain the truth.

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