New SOPs Issued by Punjab Govt for Funeral Ceremony of Covid-19 Posotive Patients

Punjab goverment of pakistan have change the SOPs for covid-19 posotive patients funeral rituals.

  • Accoding to new rules family member of dead person could participate in last bath ritual.
  • Family member can carry the dead body to graveyaed by themselves.
  • No more need of Coffins for dead body.
  • It is allowed to observe last sight of dead person.
  • It is resposibilty of local Goverment department to facilitate for last bath and burial.
  • Family menbers are allowed to observe all steps conducted by Goverment.
  • It is necessary to use PPEs during last bath of body.
  • To aviod splashes of water, it is necessary to wash eyes, nose and face very carefully.
  • It is prohibited to clean any open injury of COVID-19 patients.

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