Samsung to Launch Drone Based AI Solution for 5G Network Optimization

Samsung has recently announced a new drone based service for 5G networking configurations and optimization. The South Korean tech giant shared a video earlier this week which demonstrated a drone performing tasks that would improve tower climber safety and enable efficient network maintenance.

The new service will allow an engineer to remotely control a drone equipped with a camera. These drones will then be used to capture photos and videos of antennas on rooftops or base station towers. The footage will be viewed via a smartphone and the process will utilize a deep learning, artificial intelligence solution to verify the rotation and tilt of the antennas.

This will allow the engineers on the ground to determine whether or not, the installation process was done correctly. Samsung will start trials for the service at its headquarters in Suwon. The new automated solution seeks to offer operators a more efficient method to monitor and maintain signal sites. Its application will also improve employee safety and optimize network performance, according to the company.


A global rollout of this new service will be launched later this year with continued updates regarding the solution. In other words, Samsung plans on adding features in the future that will allow the engineers on the ground to remotely adjust antenna tilts from their smartphones, preventing the need for a person’s physical presence in such locations. This method has even been touted as more cost effective and convenient, but only time will tell of its viability.

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