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COVID-19 Guidelines: CAA Bans Protocols at Airports

The Civil Aviation Authority (CAA) has issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) for domestic, chartered and private flights to prevent the spread of coronavirus, media reported on Wednesday.

The SOPs that came into immediate effect on July 1 will be implemented until August 31. The CAA stated the decision is aimed at providing secure environment to the passengers and minimize the risk.

It appealed the citizens to avoid unnecessary visits to the airports as it could become a source of virus spread.

As per the new guidelines:

  • All passengers are required to wear surgical masks throughout the flight and will occupy seats allocated to them.
  • Passengers will be scanned through thermal devices for fever before boarding. All passengers or crew members with raised body temperature shall be examined by a health professional who will decide whether to allow them to board the flight or not.No person, except passengers and airport staff, shall be allowed to go beyond the parking area.
  • Passengers shall be dropped by drivers at the entrance of the domestic departures.
  • A domestic passenger health declaration form will be given to all travellers and flight crew to fill out necessary health and travel details before boarding.
  • No protocol will be allowed at airports.
  • Airport managers shall ensure people practice social distancing at every stage of the departure formalities.
  • Any passengers having COVID-19 symptoms will inform the cabin crew while those displaying symptoms will be isolated.

Earlier, in a bid to curb spread of the disease, the CAA banned entry of visitors coming along with the passengers at the country’s airports. No one will be allowed to enter airports rather than the passenger himself. The passenger will have to shift his luggage by his or her own.

Only driver of the passenger would be allowed to enter the airport premises. The drivers would be allowed to park their vehicles in the parking areas of the airports, the SOPs issued by the aviation authority stated.

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