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Samsung to Fight Coronavirus with New Antimicrobial Smartphone Cases

For those unaware, Antimicrobial coating is used to fight again virus strains or particles and bacteria on a given surface as well. At the moment, the world is facing a viral pandemic, with the Coronavirus strain being highly infectious and easy to pass on.

Since it survives on certain surfaces, it can easily be transmitted through touch as well. This is where the new Samsung cases come in, as the antimicrobial coating would prevent such particles from staying on the surface of the case.

With no vaccination being currently available, prevention and precaution is the best method against the virus. So, steps like these are also appreciated since smartphones are generally found to be filled with bacteria due to our constant interaction with that piece of technology. The new coating would ensure that even bacteria do not stick around.

The South Korean tech giant has submitted a patent for ‘Antimicrobial Coating’ on June 30 in several countries. Furthermore, the launch of its upcoming flagship Galaxy Note 20 series might be the perfect time for the launch of such protective cases. Although, it is still too soon to tell when they will come out, so stay tuned for more updates.

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