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‘Fair and Lovely’ to be Rebrand as ‘Glow and Lovely’ Enraging Critics

Fair and lovely skin whitening cream has long been sold as a problem for women of brown and dark teinted color. It is widely sold because its non-white teint doesn’t comply with societal values.

The cream was very much suspected and it is known to damage your skin, cause allergic reactions and can lead to skin cancer or even damage your kidneys for long term use.

However, amid immense bashing from all over the world, Unilever decided to change the name of the cream but the formulation will remain same. Insinuating the same marketing tactic that has supposedly destroyed our society and adversely effected many girl’s self-esteem. When this wasn’t enough to enrage people, the company has now renamed the cream as ‘Glow and Lovely’.

This isn’t it, many other companies including L’Oreal and Johnson & Johnson have been subject to backlash pertaining to their whitening cream product lines. However, the latter has confirmed that they are stepping away from the multi-billion dollar market completely.

Skin whitening creams targets a global market. The Unilever spokesperson informed Forbes that around 300 million people choose to buy fair and lovely every year.

This is an indication alone, that the problem is deep rooted and effects millions of girls. Natural complexion doesn’t define who you are as a person. There is more to beauty than defining standards that stem from negative societal connotations.

However, brands like Unilever have a responsibility to not feed in to social issues. Changing the name is not going to change the composition of the product and the health impacts experts say its long term use can cause. This is just a cosmetic brush up that the company has done, hoping that they can be in the good books of the consumers while continuing to reap the profits.

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