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The Top 2020 Trends Worth Bringing Home

By now, you’ve probably spotted some new design trends for the year pop up here and there across Instagram, Pinterest, and interior designers’ projects. If you’re like us, you’ve also archived a handful of those color, product, and design ideas on your phone or added them to your 2020 mood board.

Pastels are out; deeper shades are in.

“It’s been exciting to see more bold colors come back like deep, dusty blues and greens.

Get into the bold-on-bold palette.

We have seen so much light and neutral layering, but now there is a transition into incorporating bold and dark colors.

deirdre doherty glam wallpaper bedroom

Black walls will be in the mix. 

hannah dionela black-and-white bedroom

“Painting walls black can have a very dramatic effect in a space, and it’s on the rise again. Black and white will never go out of style. Use flat paint (glossy black tends to magnify imperfections) and accent it with some interesting artwork. If you are not sure about painting all the walls black, try doing an accent wall or the lower portion of a wall.”

There’s a huge focus on textural finishes. 

They are a great way to add interest and warmth to a room without committing to another print or dimensional material. Sometimes installation for these finishes can be easier too, which lends them well to DIY.”

Sculptural pieces are still major. 

jarret yoshida eclectic vintage living room

Sculptural furniture pieces and lighting fixtures are perfect accents to elevate your spaces.” 

All about the TV-free living room.

deirdre doherty contemporary living room

New trends demad a space where family can sit and converse,a space fullof goodfirniture layout withour a tv.

Dining spaces are the new family room. 

Millennium Havalance D814-25+6X01+60 8 PC Table, 6 UPH Side Chairs ...

dinning space is new family meet up room. once in a day allfamily member can sit and have a meal togather.

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