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Reason Why You Shouldn’t Watch Ertugrul

Despite criticism from a few ‘disgruntled’ actors seeking attention, the hype-train for this incredible show continues to grow. However, we’re here to tell NOT to watch this series!

So, here are a few reasons why you shouldn’t watch Ertugrul.

It’s Very Addictive!

The word ‘addiction’ is an understatement for what this show has done to our ‘awaam’. Like a new biryani spot opening nearby, people all over the place are rushing to their TV sets to catch the latest episodes.

Producers at HUM TV or ARY are standing confused on the sidelines as people are tuning to a channel that was long forgotten – PTV!

Forget About Sleep

Sleep deprivation is a very serious issue, and Ertugrul is to be blamed! The show has over hundreds of one-hour episodes per season! As is the case with most late-night television, our parents are there to remind us to hit the sack.

But what can be done if the parents are just as addicted to the show as their kids? God have mercy on the poor souls who plan on binging all 5 seasons.

It’s Making Our Dramas Look Bad!

It is one thing to be a brilliant Netflix series, but to still look good even with Urdu dubbing and the audacity to air on a channel like PTV? Outrageous!

We Pakistanis are accustomed to subpar dramas with all the ‘rona-dhona’ and ‘saas-bahu’ plots. So this seems like a breath of fresh air!

This show has put so much pressure on our talented and mediocre writers and actors who are in fear of losing their entitled popularity. It is forcing them to think outside their not-so-big box and produce good content. Have a heart, people!

We’re No Longer Stalking Our Desi Actors

The woes of our poor Pakistani actors/actresses continue to grow as people are more in love with these Turkish stars.

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