Daewoo Express Relaunch Services with Down Fares

Daewoo Express Bus Service is one of the oldest and most well-known bus services in the country with one of the largest fleets. Although a large number of new bus services have been introduced as of late, Daewoo Express has always remained among the top contenders in the transport industry.

As bus servie is resumed from 10 july and along this fuel prices are higher than before, despite this bus service has announced new reduced fares like its 1000 from Lahore to Bahawerpur as it was 1250 before that.

From Lahore to Chowk bahadurpur new fare is 1570 from 1820. Rawalpindi to Swat new fare is 750 from 950, Rawalpindi to Sadibabad most less 1000 from 2150.

Lahore to Khanewal it will charger 900 not like before1050. Lahore to Sadiqabad its 1600 from 1850.


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