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UAE issues Guidelines for All Tourists Whose Visa Expired After March 1

The Federal Identity and Citizenship Authority (ICA) has announced that the individuals whose tourist or visit visas had expired after March 1, 2020, and were not able to leave due to the novel coronavirus, have been given an opportunity to leave the country within one month without any fines.

This was revealed on Monday by Brigadier General Khamis Al Kaabi, the official spokesperson for the ICA, noting that they are welcomed to visit country at any time in the future.

The ICA operates smart services platforms that attract around 70 per cent of its customers to complete their transactions, calling on the audience to use the smart services platform in order to preserve their safety and ensure a high-quality service, Al Kaabi said.  

Airport-75 Tourists walk inside the Dubai International Airport. File

He pointed out that the medical test is a prerequisite and a requirement for renewing the ID cards and the expired residency.

The (ICA), from Sunday (July 12, 2020), started resuming its services to customers based on the Cabinet Resolution issued in this regard. As per the Resolution, ICA started collecting the fees due for the service to ensure work progress and the provision of a high level of service.

Dubai-Airport-750 Immigration officials checks visas of tourists at Dubai Airport. File

The Authority has also begun receiving applications for renewal of ID cards and visas that expired during March and April.

While, the applications that expired in May, it will begin accepting them on Aug.8, 2020.

As for visas and ID cards that expired in June and between 1st and 11th July, the Authority will receive applications from Sept.10, 2020.

“After that the service centers will open to receive applications regularly,” he added.

Via : Golftoday

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