E-challan System Extended to Tribal Area of Pakistan

For the first time E-Challan system is extented to the newly merged district of Khyber Pukhtunkhwa. Among the entire tribal districts, Bajaur is the first district to launch the electronic challan system for the traffic violators.

The purpose of digitalization of traffic challan is to deal with the traffic violators in a transparent way in the region.

Rehmanullah is the traffic warden deployed in Khar area of Bajur district of Khyber Pakhtunkhwa. He was wearing black uniform with green waist court, was busy in his newly electronic device arguing with driver to charge him for violating Pakistan traffic rules.

The newly trained traffic warden compared newly imposed E challan system with old notepad challan system said that ” From past so many years we used traffic challan notepad for charging traffic violations which was limited to the deputy commissioner of the area only but now, the newly challan system has been introduced which is online system and link with the main headquarter and banks.

He explained how the online system worked utter that “When we fine someone the violator receives instant message that your credit has been transferred to government safely. It is good because violator also gets satisfied over the process and no doubt of corruption take place”, Ullah added.

The E system has been initially introduced in four major areas of the Bajour district including headquarter Khar, Inayat Kalli, Sadiqabad and Nawagai. However the system will be soon extended to other bazaars and commercials areas of the district.

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