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Best Online Quran Teaching Tutors

People who are intrested to learn Quran at home, here is best oppertunity for that providing best online Quran teaching tutors 2020 experts for the interested people. Even kids can also get facilities

Learning Islam on Line at Home

  • Free online registration
  • Three days free trial classes
  • One to one class teaching facility
  • Qualified male and female teachers

Basic Learning

  • Basic Qaida Reading with Tajweed (Pronunciation)
  • Basic Knowledge of Fiqah
  • 40 short Hadith in English / Urdu

Detailed Learning

  • Learning Quran with Tajweed (Pronunciation)
  • Learning Quran Translation
  • Learning Quran with Tafseer (Explanation)
  • Hadith Books English / Urdu
  • Fiqah Books English / Urdu
  • Islamic History
  • Basic History
  • History Books

Tutor Contact Information

Whatsapp No:  0300-5606276

Email :

Best Online Quran Teaching

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