OLX to Launch a Self-Serve Ad Platform for Small Businesses

OLX is preparing to launch a self-serve ad platform in Pakistan for small businesses.

“It’s the next evolution in marketing for small businesses,” said Aneeb Faizi, Head of Digital Advertising at OLX Pakistan, in an exclusive interview with ProPakistani.

The first-of-its-kind tool in Pakistan will allow users to devise their own targeted campaigns based on desired outcomes like the number of clicks, downloads, or branding and filter OLX’s audience based on budget, campaign days, and other metrics.

This tool is designed by keeping small businesses in view who are looking for a targeted approach. At present, it is in the process of automation and it will help in the evolution of small businesses.

The self-serve ad platform is expected to go live next month.

When asked about the similarity to ad platforms like those offered by Facebook and Google, Faizi dismissed it as an unfair comparison.

“They’re different things,” he explained. “Our solution is going to be targeted towards small businesses. We’ll be offering them lower rates. The platform will have some built-in limitations to make sure it won’t be abused. For instance, we’ll limit businesses to buying 500,000 impressions at most. We want to empower small businesses by giving them low rates and a high ROI.”

OLX has seen a 60% in traffic volume because of COVID-19, with the best performing categories being autos, mobiles, property, and appliances.

“Retailers are shifting online because visits to brick and mortar stores have decreased,” said Faizi. “Small businesses now realize that attracting physical footfall to their shops remains an inconsistent and unpredictable process during lockdown situations.”

“In view of the tough economic situation due to Covid-19, we have added some flexibility in our offerings to accommodate the smaller SMEs that have been most affected by this pandemic.”

Through the use of artificial intelligence and machine learning algorithms to provide a more optimized and cost-effective Pay-Per-Click campaign that can maximize the ROI for the advertiser/brand. In this manner, the right audience is found at the right time for the right placement.

OLX is providing one of its kind platform where we enable businesses to connect directly with their customers by posting free ads, said Faizi.

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