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Next 10 Days Crucial for Controlling Covid-19 in Pakistan as 1,209 New Cases, 54 Deaths Reported in 24 Hours


Pakistan’s confirmed cases jump past 270,400, death toll climbs to 5,763

By: Web Desk

Confirmed cases in Pakistan climbed to 270,400 on Friday after the country recorded 1,209 new infections during the last 24 hours.

According to the national dashboard, in Azad Jammu and Kashmir there are 1,989 cases, in Balochistan 11,523, in Gilgit Baltistan 1,918, Islamabad 14,766, Khyber Pakhtunkhawa 32,898, Punjab 91,423 and in Sindh 115,883.

The country also recorded 54 new fatalities in the last 24 hours taking the death toll to 5,763.

Murtaza Wahab says over 100,000 have recovered from COVID-19 in Sindh

By: Web Desk

Sindh government spokesperson Murtaza Wahab announced on Friday that over 100,000 coronavirus patients have recovered from the virus in Sindh.

‘People are more likely to contract Covid-19 at home’

South Korean epidemiologists have found that people were more likely to contract the new coronavirus from members of their own households than from contacts outside the home.

A study published in the US Centers for Disease Control and Prevention (CDC) on July 16 looked in detail at 5,706 “index patients” who had tested positive for the coronavirus and more than 59,000 people who came into contact with them.

The findings showed that less than 2% of patients’ non-household contacts had caught the virus, while nearly 12% of patients’ household contacts had contracted the disease.

Microsoft founder Bill Gates rubbishes theory he created coronavirus


Microsoft founder Bill Gates slammed conspiracy theories on social media that accuse him of inventing the coronavirus that has killed more than 600,000 across the globe.

“It’s a bad combination of pandemic and social media and people looking for a very simple explanation,” he said during a CNN Town Hall interview.

Doctored photos and fabricated news articles crafted by conspiracy theorists — shared thousands of times on social media platforms and messaging apps, in various languages — targeting Gates have gained traction online since the start of the pandemic.

A video accusing Gates of wanting “to eliminate 15% of the population” through vaccination and electronic microchips has racked up millions of views on YouTube.

“Our foundation has given more money to buy vaccines to save lives than any group,” Gates said, referring to his eponymous foundation.

He has pledged $250 million in efforts to fight the pandemic, and his foundation has spent billions of dollars improving health care in developing countries over the past 20 years.

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