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Hepatitis B and C are Three Times More Lethal than COVID-19 in Pakistan

hepatitis b and c

Health experts claim that the viral hepatitis is three times more lethal than the global pandemic. As per research around 15 million people residing in Pakistan were infected with Hepatitis B and C. Majority of them were unaware and were transmitting the virus to others.

A senior consultant gastroenterologist, Dr Lubna Kamani states:

“Hepatitis B and C are several times more lethal viral diseases than coronavirus infection and resulting in around 300 to 325 deaths daily in Pakistan while COVID-19 is causing far fewer casualties as compared to viral hepatitis,”

According to the World Health Organization estimated five to ten million people are affected with hepatitis B and C in Pakistan, raising their concern. Pertaining to this, Kamani further added:

“Thousands of new patients are added every year due to lack of prevention, testing and treatment resources as well as inadequately screened blood transfusion, improperly sterilised invasive medical devices and unsafe injections,”

Experts including Dr Kamani emphasize how important it is for the affected to get timely treatment and the first step towards this is to ensue awareness programs. Also, today is World Hepatitis Day regarding this the doctor stated:

“On World Hepatitis Day, we call on the people and authorities in Pakistan to take action and raise awareness to find the missing millions,”

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