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All Restaurants in Saudi Arabia Became Cash Free

According to Arab media reports, a statement issued by the Saudi Arabian national agency said that in light of government orders, all coffee shops and restaurants have been required to pay online since July 28.

According to the announcement, online payment means that customers will no longer be allowed to receive cash there, but will pay through their bill card.

The department said in a statement that all coffee shops, cafeterias, buffets, shops selling fresh drinks, ice cream parlors, coffee shops and fast food restaurants in Saudi Arabia were funded through the management card. Will receive

In addition, contractors or companies providing seafoods, fried fish, catering or food at events will also have to pay online. The statement added that if any of the restaurants or businesses violated the online recovery law, action would be taken against them.

The government department has appealed to consumers to lodge complaints against the owner of the cash transaction on the helpline number 1900 or on the ‘Blog Business’ application.

According to Arab media reports, the cash-free program in commercial enterprises started on June 14, 2019, starting from petrol pump stations and their subordinate service stations.

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