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Iqrar ul Hassan Brutally Attack By Corrupt ‘Policemen’ [Video]

Iqrar-ul-Hassan has earned a reputation for going after corrupt and unscrupulous people in society. His show Sar-e-Aam is popular among the public due to its daring nature.

The TV star has time and again shed light on the shady underbelly of Pakistan. However, his show of exposing people has placed a target on his back as the criminals he exposed are out to get him.

From daring sting raids to exposing corrupted officials, Iqrar-ul-Hassan has been fighting injustices all around the country. People love him for his daring exploits of rooting out all sorts of ongoing criminal activities. The show has gained notoriety for catching criminals red-handed.

Before the Eid holidays, it seems Iqrar did face heavy handedness by the corrupt elements he was after. Here’s what happened:

Iqrar says that Chief Minister Sindh has taken notice of the incident and that these cops will be prosecuted to the full extent of the law.

We hope that the law takes its course and protect people like Iqrar ul Hassan. Stay posted for more updates.

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