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Child Domestic Labour has Been Banned in Islamabad

Child domestic labour has been banned through a gazette notification and the decision was formally approved by the federal cabinet. Federal Minister for Human Rights, Dr Shireen Mazari said in a tweet “Finally cabinet decision enforced through Gazette notification.

The Human Rights Minister said, “Finally cabinet decision was enforced through Gazette notification. Child Domestic Labour proscribed under 1991 Child Employment Act – valid for ICT but provinces can adopt through a simple provincial assembly resolution of the same.”

There are seven articles of the act that state that child labour is proscribed in transport of passengers, goods or mails by railway; cinder picking, cleaning of an ash pit or building operation in the railway premises, work in a catering establishment at a railway station, involving the movement of a vendor or any other employee of the establishment from one platform to another or into or out of a moving train.

Child labour is also banned in work related to the construction of a railway station or with any other work where such work is done in close proximity to or between the railway lines and at a port authority within the limits of any port, the act reads. Children cannot work related to selling of crackers and fireworks in shops with temporary licences.

Ministry of Human Rights Secretary, Rabiya Javeri Agha via a tweet shared, “Child labour banned in ICT. Declared a hazardous profession in the Employment of children Act 1991 Kudos to the Ministry of Human Rights and Shireen Mazari for this huge achievement.”

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