Zoom Adds New Features to ‘Look Good’ and ‘Have fun’ During Meetings

Video conferencing platform Zoom on launched new features like filters, lighting, reactions, noise cancellation and more control on presentations.

Users will now have an option to put on moustache, grow unicorn horns, or wear a pirate eye patch to look funny and share lighter moments with colleagues during the video call.

“Zoom filters, reactions, improved lighting capabilities, and enhanced noise suppression make sure that wherever and however one meets, it’s more fun with Zoom,” the company said in a statement.

One can also set colour filters to turn their video into a black-and-white photo, or apply other colours to fill their screen.

Zoom has also enhanced a few other features on its app which will now allow users to adjust the lighting on their screen and enable skin smoothing.

The company has introduced a new feature to eliminate disturbances like barking dogs, a whirring fan, and kids playing in the background.

One can change their audio preference between low to high noise suppression to give them distraction-free audio

In addition, with the new ‘Reactions’ button, one can click on it and share the feeling at the moment.

These new features are accessible on Zoom 5.2. To limit this functionality, users can disable meeting filters at the account, group, and user levels in the Zoom web portal.

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