Independence Day, Traffic will be Stopped for one Minute by Sounding Sirens

The Khyber Pakhtunkhwa government has released a schedule of preparations for the Independence Day celebrations on Saturday. According to the schedule, traffic will be stopped for one minute on August 14 at 8:58 am by sounding a siren.

According to the details, the KP government has formulated its strategy for the Independence Day celebrations. According to the schedule, the Independence Day celebrations will start from August 8, August 8 to 14. Government employees will plant the national flag badges. Traffic will be stopped for one minute by sounding the siren at 58 minutes.

On August 14, special prayers for national development and stability will be offered in small and big mosques. The flag will be unfurled at all divisional headquarters, public and private places on August 14.

Keep in mind that as Independence Day approaches, preparations for the celebrations are in full swing in the country, with children and adults of all ages buying their favorite badges and flags from stalls in the bazaars. However, in view of COVID-19, the government has directed the people to ensure implementation of SOPs in all cases.

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