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Xiaomi Launches New Mijia Convection Microwave Oven

Xiaomi has just launched a new Mijia product earlier today (7th August 2020). It is a new Mijia Smart Convection Microwave Oven, that supports both regular heating and barbecue as well.

Looking at the product, it resembles a simple design with a single color scheme. Its form factor resembles any other conventional microwave, with just two multi function buttons and one multi purpose knob.

The Mijia microwave can hold up to 23 litres in volume in terms of total capacity. It will be available for purchase from 11th August 2020 in China and is priced at 549 yuan (roughly 78 US Dollars).

The Mijia Convection Microwave Oven supports different types of cooking as well, including micro roasting, and grilling apart from just regular heating. It also offers quartz tubes for grilling barbecue while its flat plate heating plate is made from microcrystalline.

Through this, it can also offer heating and steaming functions. Since it is a smart product, the device can be controlled with the Mijia smart app that connects to other IoT products as well. Notably, built in recipes are also offers and can be accessed through the application.

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