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OPPO Patents a Smartphone with Li-Fi Technology, which is 100 Times Faster than Wi-Fi

More and more 5G smartphones are coming in 2020. These smartphones allow you to use ultra-fast mobile communication on the street, in transport and even when traveling to nature. In the home, as well as at work and in public buildings, wireless Wi-Fi networks are mainly used. It would seem that users are already provided with reliable and high-speed Internet access in any conditions.

But the disadvantages of the above two technologies force engineers to look for alternative options for accessing the network. The most promising Wi-Fi alternative is Li-Fi (Light Fidelity) technology. When using Wi-Fi, data is transmitted over radio channels using routers. In turn, Li-Fi transmits light signals using special LED lamps.

Guangdong Oppo Mobile Telecommunications has applied for a patent for a smartphone with a Li-Fi communication module. In the materials of the patent, a modern smartphone with narrow screen bezels and a pop-up camera is presented.

There are rectangular sensors designed for Li-Fi communication in the camera drawer and on the back cover of the smartphone. These photodetectors convert changes in the amplitude of light into an electrical signal, which enables wireless communication with a smartphone.

The LEDs of the Li-Fi system can be turned on and off at a tremendous speed, and data can be transmitted in both directions. In this case, communication lines can be divided in many ways: by wavelength, time, as well as by spatial or optical characteristics. In addition, Li-Fi can work together with Wi-Fi, since visible light does not interfere with the propagation of radio waves.

The advantages of Li-Fi are obvious: high data transfer rate (at least 10 Dbit / s), high energy efficiency (light consumes less energy than radio emission), complete privacy (light, unlike radio waves, does not penetrate walls, so the signal is difficult to intercept). In addition, many people worry about the harmful effects of radio waves, and with Li-Fi, you can forget about this problem. The main disadvantage of the technology is its short operating range, about 10 meters (Wi-Fi has more than 30 meters).

It is not yet known if OPPO will release production models of smartphones with Li-Fi. The company is known as an ambitious developer of technical solutions that have no analogues on the market. A prime example is the advancement of high power fast charging technology. OPPO is likely to want to be an innovator in communication technology using Li-Fi.

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