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Punjab Government Issues SOPs for Educational Institutions

With educational institutes set to reopen next month, the Punjab government on Tuesday issued standard operating procedures (SOPs) for the academies.

According to a notification issued by Punjab’s Primary and Secondary Health Care department, the educational institutions were directed to maintain social distancing and ensure provision of masks and hand sanitizers for students and the staff.

The novel coronavirus can spread through close contact with an infected person via particles in the air from coughing or sneezing or by someone touching an infected person or object with the virus on it, read the notification.

Temperature of each student and staffer will be checked while entering into the educational facility. As per the SOPS, there will complete ban on any type of function, ceremony and break in the schools.

The school administration will create awareness about the precautionary measures against the virus. All the students and the staff must wear face masks. The schools will be disinfected before it opens on a daily basis.

Play grounds, indoor game areas and swings will remain closed in the schools till the end of the pandemic.

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