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Galiyat to have Three Coronavirus Test Collection Centres for Tourist

Deputy Commissioner of Abbottabad has ordered the establishment of at least three Coronavirus Test Collection Centres in Galiyat and asked tourists to follow the Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) during visits to the hilly areas.

The official directed the hotels and restaurants owners to strictly implement the directives of the provincial government to contain the spread of Covid-19. Deputy Commissioner Mughees Sanaullah along with Abbottabad District Police Officer Yasir Afridi and Director General of Galiyat Development Authority Raza Ali Habib visited Nathiagali, Ayubia and other hilly areas to monitor the implementation of the government directives.

He said that Section 144 has been imposed and violators either tourists or the hotel and restaurant owners would be fined. In case of not following the orders, he explained, hotels and restaurants would be sealed.

The officials distributed masks and sanitizers and launched a public awareness campaign in the areas after the ban on tourism was lifted recently. As the ban on tourism activities has been lifted and on the eve of Independence Day, a record number of tourists is expected to visit the Thandiyani, Harnoi, Nathiagali, Dongagali, Changlagali, Ayubia and other scenic areas.

According to the Health officials, sample collection points have been established at Nathiagali, Barain, and Ayubia where the Health staff would be provided with healthcare facilities linked to deal with coronavirus. According to the police report, more than 50,000 vehicles have entered Galiyat from Abbottabad and Murree side and deployment of traffic police have been increased in Galiyat.

Senior Superintendent of Police Traffic Tariq Mehmood issued special instructions to wardens to keep a vigilant eye on the youth riding two-wheelers without silencers.

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