Engin Altan and Esra Bilgic Wish Pakistanis a Happy Independence Day [Video]

A message has been sent to us from Pakistan’s best-known Turkish celebrity pair Ertrugul Bae and Halime Sultan. Engin Altan and Esra Bilgic want you to know they ‘re in letter and spirit with us on the occasion of Pakistan’s 73rd independence day.

Let’s begin with Esra Bilgic, Set in national colors, and a shalwar kameez, Esra says Zindabad as a native Pakistan! Okay, it’s not shocking, since Turkish and Urdu have several similar words in common.

Next up, we have Engin Altan meeting with Pakistan’s Ambassador to Turkey. We’ll let the picture do the rest of the talking:

Thanks, Engin Altan and Esra Bilgic. Their gesture is sure to be appreciated by the legion of Ertugrul Ghazi fans in our part of the world. PTV has broken record after record with its YouTube channel, and with the upcoming 2nd season ready for showtime, things are only going to go up from here.

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