OnePlus Users Can Now Edit 4K 60fps Videos in the Default Gallery App

OnePlus Gallery is the default gallery app on OnePlus smartphones. Lately, the brand has been updating this app with features from Google Photos. In May, the company integrated Google Lens and in July, it got the option for casting.

Now, in August, the app has been updated to add support for editing 4K 60fps videos.

The default gallery on most smartphones is barebone without any advanced features. That’s good. because more features may confuse a regular user. But there are certain users who want the most out of their phones.

However, these users tend to use separate feature-rich apps for their purpose. But there are some users who sit between these two types. For them, some advanced features in the default apps can be handy.

For instance, the newly added Videos editing option for 4K 60 fps videos in OnePlus Gallery allows basic operations like trimming as well as applying filters and music. This can be useful for those mid-level users as well as power users if they want to edit something quickly.

Apart from this feature, the new update for the OnePlus Gallery app also brings support for photo projecting to OnPlus TV and fixes issues with sharing photos, red color, photo missing, and slow-motion video editor.

That said, since the app is available on the Google Play Store, users of all the OnePlus smartphones can update it easily without waiting for a system update.

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