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Xiaomi Youpin Crowdfunds Handheld Printer

While you may have seen printers at home, shops or offices, they generally follow the same design of a box shaped product. However, the Xiaomi Youpin platform is crowdfunding a new handheld printer that can print anywhere on the go.

The PrinterPods handheld DIY printer is essentially a product made for users that want the ability of personalized customizability.

In other words, the handheld DIY printer is not limited to just paper like a traditional printer, and offers a variety of other possibilities as well.

It can be used on various different surfaces, with users being able to print on cups, computers, clothes, and even skin.


It uses a special ink which can be used on skin, food, and clothes as well to cover them with distinctive logo or patterns. The surface or object that is being printed does not have to be completely flat either, making the product really versatile.

This means that you can also print on curved surfaces like cups. The length of the PrinterPods handheld DIY printer is just 95mm, which is smaller than many smartphones as well.

The body contains an integrated ink cartridge that is built into a sleek and streamlined design that is easy to grip. Its primary selling point is the fact that you can print anytime and anywhere on the go.

The printer also offers skin friendly, invisible, edible, and even permanent ink options to choose fro mas well. So it is safe to use it on yourself or on food. One can use the accompanying apps default fonts and patterns or just add your own by uploading pictures.

It is currently being crowdfunded for 499 Yuan (roughly 72 US Dollars) on the Xiaomi Youpin platform.

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