This Pakistani Startup Is Taking The Influencer Marketing Industry By Storm

Amplifyd, a data-driven influencer marketing platform, has managed to carve out a place for itself in the Pakistani influencer market. Engaging over 40 brands (including Dynasty Fabrics, Royal, Stylo, TCL) and 300 influencers within 3 months of its launch, Amplifyd has certainly helped make the Pakistani influencer market much more exciting.

Imagine this. You’re an up and coming influencer with tons of ideas, seeing so many brands run campaigns that you’d just Iove to get your hands on. But alas! You have no idea how to get brands to notice you and your work.

Now imagine you’re already there. You’re the influencer to approach. But you’re sick of all the middlemen between you and the brands you know you can represent. Not to mention businesses constantly offering you exciting work in return for the ‘exposure’.

On the other side of the table, imagine you’re in charge of finding an influencer to effectively represent your brand. You go through so many different (and some downright weird) profiles, before narrowing it down to Shahbaz, Faraz, Jasmine and Aunty Parveen.

After listing down everything you need from them to represent your new line of sneakers, you find out that Aunty Parveen has never talked about anything other than baking. Jasmine’s posts seem to be getting no traction at all because all she has are fake followers. Shahbaz and Faraz have stopped responding altogether ever since they received their advance.

This is where Amplfiyd comes into the picture. Here’s a list of cool things that the app provides.

1. Goal-Driven Campaigns

It all starts with brands creating their campaigns, based on the Marketing goal they’re trying to achieve and the niche they’re targeting. The campaign, once posted, is then shown to all the “RELEVANT” Influencers on the platform. That basically means, a fashion campaign with awareness as a goal, is displayed to fashion Influencers known for driving brand awareness.

2. Detailed Influencer Proposals

Once the campaign is up, Influencers send in their proposals which carry the weight of their achievements, such as their followers, likes, comments, and outreach stats along with a brief content plan and some other additional details.

3. In-app negotiations

Talk with the Influencers who sent their proposals and negotiate with them through the in-app messenger.

4. Automated in-app Contract

Once the terms have been agreed, an automated contract is drawn up, with full details of the deliverables from both parties.

5. Campaign Management

An all-in-one influencer campaign management tool lets you, as a brand, track performance of the content each influencer is posting on your behalf, providing a clear picture regarding the campaign’s performance.

What Amplifyd offers is simple: a data-driven, yet hassle-free influencer marketing platform, so that you no longer have to spend time and sanity looking for a good match. Whether you’re an influencer or just looking for one, Amplifyd makes sure you’re matched up with someone who fits your needs.

With Amplifyd, influencers and brands no longer have to worry about payment security thanks to the ultra-safe escrow payment system, where payments are released to influencers as soon as the brand approves the content and deems it to be a good representation of the brand’s persona.

Today, Amplifyd represents a constantly growing community of Pakistani brands and influencers, helping them get in touch with each other all over Pakistan. You have got to check it out!

If you’re a brand or an influencer who’s excited to try this app out, download now using the links below!

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