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BlackBerry Phones are Coming Back in 2021, Packing 5G too

TCL and BlackBerry confirmed earlier this year that they had parted ways, which meant that TCL would no longer be launching or producing new BlackBerry-branded smartphones.

Now, it turns out that the BlackBerry name is poised to come back to the smartphone space courtesy of little-known mobile security brand Onward Mobility. More specifically, the US brand’s website notes that “new Blackberry 5G phones” are coming next year.

Onward Mobility says these new phones will be “highly secure” and will offer a “suite of end-to-end security solutions.” The firm didn’t elaborate on these security features and solutions though.

The brand’s website notes that it will be working with BlackBerry and Foxconn subsidiary FIH Mobile to design and manufacture the upcoming phones. Little else is known about these new phones then, although 9to5Google reports that one device will have a physical keypad.

Onward Mobility doesn’t seem to have a significant track record in the smartphone hardware space either, so we’re definitely taking a wait and see approach to this news.

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