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Pakistan Doing Efforts to Bring an Alternative PayPal System

The good news for those who are worried about the lack of PayPal service in Pakistan is that the government is working on introducing an international service in Pakistan on an emergency basis so that Pakistani citizens can use other services including PayPal. And will be able to easily buy and sell online abroad while freelancers will be able to receive compensation for their services.

According to sources in the Ministry of IT, President Dr. Arif Alvi has given a one-month deadline to the Ministry of IT and relevant departments to introduce an international payment system like PayPal in Pakistan. Work is underway to set up a payment gateway.

According to a senior IT ministry official, tenders will be opened in the next few days for an agreement with international companies for the new payment system and after the agreement, Pakistani consumers will be able to use other international payment options, including PayPal.

With the approval of the International Payment Gateway, Pakistanis will be able to send money around the world at a lower rate and also receive money from abroad for their products and services.

Key Features of the New Payment Gateway

When contacted by Urdu News in this regard, Shabahat Ali Shah, CEO, National IT Board (NITB), said that the new payment gateway would provide opportunities for Pakistani consumers to work easily in the international market. The international payment gateway will be connected to PayPal, MasterCard, AliPay and Visa.

Bilal Abbasi, Director IT at the Ministry of Information Technology, told Urdu News that at present, Pakistanis use Visa or Mr Card to make any purchases or sales internationally, but the problem is that it is not real digital. And they charge a lot for their service.

If you look at PayPal, it charges between seven and ten percent for money sent and received, which is very high. We are trying to partner with an international company that charges around 4% from Pakistani customers and gives them better facilities.

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