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Siva is the First in the World to Receive a Certification for the New Wi-Fi 6 Standard

The intellectual property manufacturer from Herzliya is the only company in the world so far that has received the Wi-Fi CERTIFIED 6 Status certification, which only applies to solutions that meet the highest requirements of the new standard.

Siwa (CEVA) from Herzliya is the first company in the world to receive the CERTIFIED 6 Status Wi-Fi certification for its intellectual property package, RivieraWaves Wi-Fi 6 IP.

This certification is given only to systems and solutions that meet the most stringent requirements of the new standard: the fastest data transfer speed, the ability to support a multi-user connected environment, proof of the ability to achieve power savings and provide a good and stable user experience.

The Wi-Fi 6 standard is based on the IEEE 802.11ax standard. The CERTIFIED 6 certification also includes the newer components of the emerging device, including the addition of a 6GHz band, which allows the addition of 14 80MHz bandwidth communication channels and seven additional 160MHz bandwidth channels, especially for data-intensive applications such as video streaming and reality applications Simulated and layered.

Compatibility with most embedded processing platforms
The new device provides five times the bandwidth of the aggregate bandwidth of existing Wi-Fi systems at 2.4GHz and 5GHz. According to the company’s IoT division manager, Anga Ansar, the certification provides a risk-free path for integrating Wi-Fi 6 technologies into new chip design. Siva also said that it has already sold several licenses of the package to customers who use it to design their next generation products.

This is also reflected in the company’s share in the NASDAQ. Since the decline that characterized the entire industry during March, the company’s share has been on a steady rise, and is now trading at about $ 43 – giving the company a market capitalization of $ 951 million.

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