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Coronavirus Restrictions Lifted for Passengers Traveling to Pakistan

For passengers flying from outside Pakistan, the Civil Aviation Authority has lifted the coronavirus restrictions. A new travel advisory is being developed for foreign travelers with changes that are effective both for passengers and charter flights till 31 October.

However, before boarding the aircraft, passengers must take the RT-PCR test. Yet once approved, the seating arrangements have not been socially distanced as traditionally done. 

In case of mandatory RT-PCR, passengers will have to submit their negative reports for the test conducted seventy two hours prior to boarding. Also, all passengers are required to wear surgical masks which will be provided by the airline check out counter.

In flight temperature of each passenger will be checked after an interval of 90 minutes. Not only this, but any passengers with symptoms of COVID-19 including shortness of breath, coughing, high fever and sore throat must immediately inform the crew members until then they will be accommodated in the last vacant row.

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