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Learn How to Get Your Driving Licence in Punjab?

Anyone above the age of 18 can apply for a driving licence in Punjab using the Driving Licence Issuance Management System (DLIMS). Here’s all you need to know about applying for a driving licence in Punjab, renewing a driving licence in Punjab, as well as verifying the authenticity of a driving licence in Punjab.


Official Website of DLIMS
Visit the Site to Get Access to All of the Related Forms [Credits: Official Website of DLIMS]

The Driving Licence Issuance Management System (DLIMS) is one of the many projects undertaken by the Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB) to digitalise Punjab. It is a system that automates the time-consuming process that residents of Punjab needed to follow to apply for a driving licence.

The system not just allows you to apply for a new driving licence via an online driving license form, but also makes it easier to renew an old driving licence. Moreover, with the web-based portal, you can track your driving licence application online, at any time.

The centralised collection of data has also made it easier to verify a driving licence that has been issued in Punjab. This means that individuals, who are hiring drivers for their personal or business use in the province, can easily check a driving licence in Punjab to determine its authenticity before completing the hiring process. The relevant authorities can also cross-check the licence carried by any driver if they are found breaking the law.

You can contact DLIMS at 042-35777268 or email them at should you require assistance or want to send in your feedback.


DLIMS in Punjab
DLIMS Offers Easy Application Process in 36 Districts of Punjab [Credits: Facebook/Punjab Information Technology Board (PITB)]

As per the new process of applying for a driving licence in Punjab, individuals can easily access various forms online that can be downloaded, printed, and filled before visiting the licencing centres in Punjab to submit the form along with the required driving licence fees. They will then need to visit the centre again for their driving tests, and the licence will be delivered to the applicant via courier on their provided address.


You can apply for a learner’s permit after submitting the following documents:

  • Copy of CNIC
  • Medical Certificate by an Authorized Medical Practitioner
  • Fee Ticket of PKR 60 from any Post Office

Please note that while 18 years is the minimum age for applying for a learner’s licence for a motor car or motorcycle, the minimum age for driving an LTV (Light Travelling Vehicle), including rickshaws, taxis, and commercial tractors is 21 years.

Moreover, you will need to collect a Code Book of Traffic Rules & Regulation from a local Traffic Police Office while applying for a learner’s licence. Licencing centres across Punjab issue learning permits daily with a validity period of 6 months.


You need to apply for a permanent driving licence before your learning licence expires with the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • Medical Certificate
  • Original Learner’s Permit (Must be at least 6 weeks old)
  • 3 Passport-Sized Attested Photographs
  • Attested Copy of CNIC
  • Fee Ticket (as per the following table)


CategoryTest Fee (PKR)Licencing Fee For 5 Years (PKR)Total Fee (PKR)
Motor Cycle50500550
Motor Car150750900
Delivery Van60280340
Tractor Commercial100500600
Tractor Agricultural50250300
Road Roller100500600
Loco Moto140660800
Invalid Carriage20100120
Motor Cycle + Car200750950
Motor Cycle + LTV200750950
Motor Cycle + Rickshaw100450550
Motor Cab + Rickshaw100450550
LTV + PSV150750900
HTV + PSV2001,0001,200

In the table above, LTV stands for Light Travelling Vehicles, HTV stands for Heavy Travelling Vehicles, and PSV stands for Public Service Vehicles.


You’ll need the following documents to apply for an international driving licence in Punjab:

  • Application Form
  • Attested Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of a Valid Local Driving Licence
  • Copy of a Valid Pakistani Passport
  • 2 Passport-Sized Attested Photographs
  • Fee Ticket of PKR 66 from Court

All applicants must bring their original CNIC, passport, and local driving licence with them at the time of submitting the documents.

Aside from the above types of driving permits, DLIMS also performs licence endorsement and licence renewal. It also provides duplicate licences in case the original one is stolen or lost. The process for each of these services is given below.


Need to get a duplicate copy of your licence printed from the licencing centre after the first one got stolen or lost? Here are the documents you’ll need:

  • Application Form
  • 2 Passport-Sized Attested Photographs
  • Attested Copy of CNIC
  • Report from Licencing Authority concerning the Expiry Date of the Licence
  • An FIR registered with the police
  • Fee Ticket (as per the following table)


CategoryDuplicate Licence Fee (PKR)
Motor Cycle100
Motor Car150
Delivery Van60
Tractor Commercial100
Tractor Agricultural50
Road Roller100
Loco Moto140
Invalid Carriage20
Motor Cycle + Rickshaw100
Motor Cab + Rickshaw100
LTV + PSV150
HTV + PSV200


If you want to get your driving licence endorsed for another type of vehicle, submit the following documents at the licencing centre:

  • Endorsement Form
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Copy of Medical Certificate
  • 2 Passport-Sized Attested Photographs
  • Original Learner’s Permit (Must be at least 6 weeks old)
  • First Driving Licence
  • Fee Ticket (as per the permanent licence fee table given above)


Driving licences are valid for 5 years, after which, you will need to get them renewed for another 5 years. Individuals opting for a licence renewal do not need to give any of the theoretical or practical tests again. They simply need to submit the following documents:

  • Application Form
  • 2 Passport-Sized Photographs
  • Copy of CNIC
  • Original Driving Licence
  • Medical Report
  • Fee Ticket (as per the following table)


CategoryRenewal Fee for 5 Years (PKR)
Motor Cycle500
Motor Car750
Delivery Van280
Tractor Commercial500
Tractor Agricultural250
Road Roller500
Loco Moto660
Invalid Carriage100
Motor Cycle + Car750
Motor Cycle + LTV750
Motor Cycle + Rickshaw450
Motor Cab + Rickshaw450
LTV + PSV750
HTV + PSV1,000

Please note that there are no fines or penalties for licence renewal if you renew your licence within one month of its expiry. If a licence is renewed between one and three months after expiry, 50% of the fine will be charged. After three months, and up to one year of expiry, 100% of the fine will be charged from the individual. The fine will be charged as follows:

Category1 to 3 Months (PKR)3 to 12 Months (PKR)One Year (PKR)
Motor Cycle50100250
Motor Cycle + CAR + LTV75150375
HTV + PSV100200500

Now you know all about applying for a driving licence in Punjab. While the application process mentioned above is followed in all of the cities of Punjab.


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